Frequently Asked Questions

How much are classes and is there a joining fee?
Classes are £5.00 per hour and a half session. There is no joining fee; you just pay each time you train.
What do I wear?
To start you just need to wear t-shirt/sweatshirt, leggings, joggers, etc. and bare feet. We have club t-shirts, hoodies and trousers for sale on a regular basis with the club logo, which is required once you have been training for a few months. Prices are very reasonable.
I've never trained before are classes suitable for complete beginners?
Both our classes are suitable for beginners. You will either train in a group with other beginners, as a mixed ability group where you will be given the option to tailor exercises and techniques to suit you. Sometimes you will also have the option to train with more experienced students where you can get one to one tuition during training.
I've trained before do I have to start as a complete beginner?
The classes are mixed ability and you will be able to find someone to train with of a similar ability to your own.
Is it okay to come alone?
Of course, lots of people come along on their own you can find a partner to train with once you get there. Lots of students started on their own and now have new best friends from training with someone that didn't initially know.
Can I just turn up or do I need to book in advance?
No just turn up to the session that suits you. Some classes are busier than others but we tailor techniques to suit the environment we're in.
Is it strictly all female, as I am a Muslim and would like to train without wearing my headscarf?
Yes it is an all-female club. Occasionally male instructors may come down to grade students but you will always be given advance notice of this. There are no windows so you should feel comfortable if you wish to train without a headscarf.
Do I have to fight/spar?
No, sparring and competition fighting are optional. We have specific classes that are for sparring and squad training for those who wish to compete.  As you progress through the grading system you will be required to spar as you reach senior grades.
I am overweight can I still train?
Certainly, kickboxing is a great way to get fit and lose weight at the same time. We would however recommend you check with your doctor first, as with all exercises classes, if you are overweight and concerned about taking up exercise.
I have recently had a baby is it okay to train?
Yes, a great way to get your body back to what it was before or in even better shape. We would tailor exercises like sit ups to you until you feel strong enough to be able to do these.
Do I have to grade and take belts?
No grading is optional, although it is a great motivator to grade and work your way through the belt system. Students start training for a variety of reasons and often don't want to grade, but after a while decide to start doing belts.
Do I need to bring any equipment along?
No all equipment is supplied at the gym although if you already have equipment please feel free to bring it along. Once you decide kickboxing is for you though most people prefer to buy their own gloves and pads etc. There is an 'equipment' page on this website which lists the type of equipment you require and order of priority if you want to start buying your own gear.
I have trained before and would like to compete in competitions?
We have a large fight squad including world champion fighters in our squad. Our Chief Instructor, Chris Boughey, is the national England Coach. If you are interested in fighting competitively and becoming part of the squad you will be required to attend squad training sessions with Senior Instructors Rick Allsop/Mike Eade.
After you have been training for a few months you will be required to take out insurance, this is one to one insurance should you suffer an injury or injure somebody you are training with. This is an annual cost of ₤15.
Any other questions? Please email or Facebook us.

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